Using SRS breeding principles, we have crossed feral goats with Angora goats to create a hardy and resilient Angora. We are running 70 of these first cross does and now have 3rd cross kids on the ground. We also run another 150 pure angora does that are joined to the 2nd and 3rd crosses.

In 2018 they ran at 13 does/ha in one of the driest years on record. Their ability to reproduce and feed their offspring is outstanding with many of the does bearing twins.

They are also doing an excellent job helping us with weed control. They have killed approximately half of the horehound in one paddock and have put the remaining 50% under great stress and stopped it from setting seed.

We sell our mohair through BKB in South Africa. This enables us to sell our fleece in a bigger market with more buyers. After the last shipment of mohair was sold mid December 2018 the average price was $33kg

We look forward to seeing where this experiment takes Baderloo.

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