Baderloo is located in the mid north of South Australia, between Spalding and Jamestown. Our 800 ha property has strong hills grazing and a balance of arable land. We have a further 1200ha of grazing from two neighbouring properties for their summer stubbles. This enables us to spell the hills during summer while the sheep graze through the stubbles before returning to lamb once the season breaks in April. 

Since 2000 we have been committed to SRS breeding principles producing naturally resilient Merinos with smooth rolling skins that are highly fertile and heavily fleeced. After all, your flock will be more profitable if it is healthy, prolific and able to make the most of the animals’ natural energy systems.

Baderloo has 18 years of full pedigree data which we use to measure and compare our animals and to plan the next generations pedigree.

With our zero tolerance to skin wrinkle approach, we haven’t mulesed for 14 years. We have the genetic solution to transform your flock in 1 – 2 generations.