Baderloo rams are bred for wool quality, fleece density, high fertility and industry leading early growth, muscle and fat. All rams are paddock run together to identify the animals that are performing the best under year round conditions. This approach means we can identify which animals are better feed converters and are able to increase and maintain condition through measured genetic muscle and fat.

Sires and semen can be shipped around Australia. 

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Baderloo SRS Merino SIre


Do you want to inject some growth and muscle into your flock? This ram will make a big impact. He’s in the top 1% for WWT, PWWT & YWT and can generate offspring in the top 20% for growth by a ewe that is YWT 0.0

With a great quality fleece as well, he is a sure bet to transform your flock.

Semen available $45 + GST per dose.

Top 1% - WWT, PWWT & YWT
Top 10% - YEMD
Top 40% - YCFW


Sold to
Mumblebone Merinos.

Semen still available $60 + GST per dose.

An excellent allrounder with good early growth and brilliant wool quality. This ram is sure to enhance your flocks profitability with strong carcass and wool traits.

171 has been accepted into a Balmoral Sire Evaluation program in 2019.

Top 5% YWT & YSL
Top 10% YDCV


A true dual purpose merino with high fleece weight and good early growth. Carrying a high quality fleece that is bold, long, lustrous and soft, this ram is sure to make an impact on your flock.

Semen available $45 + GST per dose.

Top 5%-10% - WWT, PWWT, YWT
Top 30% - YEMD
Top 5% - YCFW
Top 5%-10% - YSL


A high performer for YWT, YCFW and YSL with high follicle density of 99fn and industry leading early growth. This ram is another Baderloo dual purpose merino. He'll bring exceptional wool quality and fleece weight with fast growing progeny.

Semen available $50 + GST per dose.

0.1% outside top 10% for YCFW
0.1% outside top 1% for YWT
Top 5% YSL
Top 20% YEMD