We consistently breed trait leading Merino sheep with exceptional wool quality.
Using SRS merino breeding principles, we have been able to genetically develop a flock that is plain bodied, fast growing and highly fertile. By increasing follicle density, we are able to increase fleece weight without skin wrinkle and we have not mulesed since 2004.

We are trait leaders in Yearling Weight (YWT), Yearling Clean Fleece Weight (YCFW), Yearling Eye Muscle Depth (YEMD),
Yearling Fat (YFAT) and Yearling Staple Length (YSL).

We have the genetics to transform your flock within 1 to 2 generations.

SRS Genetics

superior Wool

Fine, dense fleece with a deep crimp and a long staple.

SRS Genetics

High Fertility

Grow your flock naturally and healthily with good genetics.

SRS Genetics

wrinkle free

Because our merinos are wrinkle free, they are non-mulesed and resistant to body strike.