Baderloo ewes are all pasture fed with natural hills grazing and some sown pastures. We emphasise growth, muscle and fat for early growth, high fertility and low lamb mortality

We join 950 individually selected ewes annually. Each ewe is classed for wool quality and ASBV traits and joined with a single sire to progress faster. We select for bright white wools that are resistant to fleece rot and fly strike.

Wools must have density, a deep bold crimp and long staple. We are able to shear twice a year which is
not only good for production but also compliments the natural cycle of the sheep for conception, lambing and faster wool growth.

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Fertile Merino Ewes

130% lambing rate

Our ewes are naturally fertile and healthy with many of them bearing twins.

early growth merinos

early growth

The superior genetic profile of our merinos ensure strong early growth. We are trait leaders in weaning weight, post weaning weight and yearling weight.

Healthy merino flock

healthy flock

Our genetic data shows that our flock is very healthy with low wastage. Our ewe mortality rate is less than .5% and our lamb survival rate is above average.