We have been collecting genetic data since 2000, which has allowed us to design our breeding program to enhance specific traits at various times following SRS Merino breeding principles.

Our objective is to consistently breed highly fertile, plain bodied sheep with good early growth and exceptional wool quality.

We are currently trait leaders in Yearling Weight (YWT) and Yearling Clean Fleece Weight (YCFW) Yearling Eye Muscle Depth (YEMD) Yearling Fat (YFAT) Yearling Staple Length (YSL).

By measuring follicle density on our sires we are able to increase fleece weights without skin wrinkle. As a result, we are able to shear quality fleece, twice a year.

We have the genetics to transform your flock within 1 - 2 generations.

growth rates

By emphasising growth rates in our genetics, our data shows that we have increased carcass profitability. We are trait leaders in body weight, fat and eye muscle depth.

Fleece Quality

Our wrinkle free merinos have high follicle density so we can shear 6 monthly, cutting 3.5kg of 65mm-70mm 20.5 micron wool. The quality of the wool is reflected in the price we received – 1521 c/kg in 2018.

naturally fertile

We breed highly fertile ewes and rams so that we can grow our flock naturally. Our lambing rate is an outstanding 130%, this is also a reflection of the general health of the flock.